Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2/3 of a year old!

Today marks Cole's 8 month birthday! He is already 2/3 of a year old. He has learned so much in the past month, so I wanted to take a moment and update our friends and family.

Cole can roll, scoot, and crawl (forwards and backwards). It seemed to happen overnight! One minute he was just sitting on his own, and the next thing we knew he was sitting up by hisself, rolling to get to his toys, crawling backwards, scotting with one leg tucked under his bottom, and eventually crawling forward! He is such a smart boy!

In the past 1.5 weeks, Cole has cut TWO teeth! At 4 months Cole cut his first bottom tooth, then at 5 months his second bottom tooth. He cut his first "fang" around 6.5 months and here recently he got his second "fang". Yesterday, he cut his first top middle tooth. Five teeth folks! He'll be shining his pearly whites at you very soon, I'm sure!

Cole ate his first raw veggies straight from the garden this last month. He loved the carrots and yellow squash. Daddy built Cole his first swing set and put it up by the garden so we could all have something fun to do while we are playing at the garden.

Dinner time is so much fun. In addition to his normal dinner foods, COle has begun to self feed with peas, carrots, green beans, bread, and some soft fruits. Its amazing to watch his little brain work. His hand-eye coordination is spot-on!

Cole still loves bath time and gets the biggest laughs when playing in the tub at night. He is extremely ticklish and knows to hold Mommy's hand when its time to stop. Too funny.

He gives GREAT kisses, they are the sweetest ever. He likes to grab onto my face and pull me into them. We call them "killer kisses!"

Summer is going by so fast. I definately think our little man enjoys the outdoors. He even understands the importance of sweet tea in a southern family! He also understands that Daddy will give it to him when Mommy isn't looking. That silly Daddy...

Cole fills each day with sunshine and happiness. He is the most awesome blessing, and we feel incredible grateful for the opportunity to be his parents!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Introducing "Chubby Cheeks"

Hello Friends! I am VERY excited to announce that my mother-in-law Debi and I will be opening a complimentary business within Wiles Signs called Chubby Cheeks. We will be selling specialty, personalized and embroidered gifts; however, our focus will be on children's personalized items, hence the name!

We recently purchased our embroidery machine, and let me tell you... I am in LOVE! We have only had it a short time, and almost everything I own has a monogram, or our name on it!

Debi and I will be heading to market in Atlanta in July to purchase LOTS of lovelies to personalize for our friends and family. Get ready ladies, I have just received the preview catalog for market, and we can't WAIT to show you all that we can do.

Here is a preview of some of the goodies we plan to offer. In the children's embroidery and applique line we will have a clothing line, diaper bags, totes, personalized wipes containers & toy storage, wall decor (just to name a few). We also plan on offering some items for Mom! Some of you may have seen the cake carriers I have posted on facebook. Also, fun items like dish towels, purses, totes for busy ladies, aprons... quite literally anything we can get our hands on that we can personalize will be available to you!

I would love LOVE for you to send me a list of things you'd like us to look for at market. I need all the suggestions you can muster! I would love to be prepared with a shopping list for market, so comment away!

We are already embroidering items so message me if you'd like a quote. The answer is YES! (I know you were thinking it). We can embroider your items, just bring them in or send me a picture for a quote. Pricing for embroidery starts at $5. I know you have something you want to personalize...

Its time to GET CHEEKY, with your uniquely personalized items from CHUBBY CHEEKS!!

Our Inspiration!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Adventures in Dreamland

Memorial Day brought with it a new challenge for our sweet Cole. Not only had Cole begun to wein himself from Mommy, but his pack and play was becoming a uncomfortable, cramped place for him to sleep at the foot of Mommy and Daddy's bed. So, on Monday night, Cole attempted his first night upstairs in the nursery, by himself.

It was fun playing in the nursery after bedtime, and rocking upstairs in the rocker I had been passed down through my family. Cole and I said our prayers, he had a bottle, and then I waited...

He fell asleep and his little paci fell out of his mouth; a sure sign he is fast asleep. I placed him in his crib and tip toed out around 8:00, Cole's normal bedtime. Clint has mounted a video monitor above Cole crib so we would have a full view of the entire crib. I highly recommend a video monitor to parent's looking into them. It is so reassuring knowing that we can see his every move, especially when our little one is upstairs. I can litterally see his eyes flutter, all on a 2x3" screen!

The night began well enough; however, Cole woke and I was up and down the stairs EIGHT yes EIGHT times. Whew!

I was dragiing the nest morning as was Cole, but I was determined to keep on my plan. Every time he woke up, I would cuddle him or offer a smaller bottle. He fell asleep quickly. I think he wasn't used to being in his crib yet, and away from Mommy and Daddy.

Night number two was much better. I think I was up and down 5 times. Night number three, I decided to try to let him "cry it out" after the third trip up the stairs for a few minutes. I went up to reassure him Mommy was close by, I cuddled him for a moment, then laid him down; however, this time when he woke back up I let him wimper for about 20 minutes. He fell asleep and slept the rest of the night. I was harder to watch him wimper, but I know getting him on a good sleep schedule will only help him to be independent and a good sleeper in hte future.

Cole is now sleeping from 8-12ish and then until around 5:00 am. Not the best, but OHHH! such an upgrade from 8 trips up and down the stairs.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day weekend- a weekend of memories!

Memorial Day weekend was so much fun for us! As usual for us, every day was packed with activity. Our sweet boy is 6 months old and very busy, so I think he enjoyed the entertainment, there was certainly no lack of it over the past few days!

Friday afternoon has been reserved lately for riding the ranger with Daddy around the house. I think Cole really looks forward to it. As soon as he sees the ranger fire up, he begins to kick his legs and wiggle with excitement! It was a little cooler than we expected so I dug out a jacket and pants. Cole even got to wear his baseball cap that his Aunt Carie bought for him late last summer.

Saturday, Mommy and Cole spent the morning running errands and cleaning the house. Our friends Lauren Hinton and Cory Ellis were getting married at 5:30, and we had lots to get ready for the next few days before we got dressed up for the celebration. I know lots of Mom's feel this way, but it seems like we pack our lives when we go anywhere these says. I must be over packing, but I feel better knowing I have more than we actually needs for our adventures.

The wedding was beautiful. Brother Chyle preached a very sweet sermon during the ceremony. Lauren was gorgeous in her dress. She looked very elegant. The reception was at Indian Hills Country Club and was so much fun. The food and company couldn't be beat!

We got home as quickly as we could break ourselves away, because we had big plans to go to the lake with the Meadors and the Gills the next day. Thankfully Cole got some good rest that night! (Another blog entry soon to come...) Sunday morning we were up by 6:00. Our bags were already packed and we were so excited to be on our way to the lake. The Meadors showed up at our house with the party barge (their pontoon boat). We loaded all the goodies into the boat and sent the Dads ahead of the girls and kiddos to get the boat in the lake. Anticipating a larger crowd on the lake for the holiday, added to the fact that only two ramps were open, we thought it best the guys take care of heavy machinery before we got there!

Its always so much fun driving to the lake. This time however; my angel was in tow! Landon helped me pick up a few last minute items at Kroger. There's something about the lake that makes me crave hummus and crackers. YUM! After all the packing and buckling, and Krogering, we were on our way! A short drive to the lake, a few attempts at getting all of us loaded into the actual boat, and our day of fun in the sun began.

I bought a misting fan and table top battery powered fan to keep Cole from getting too warm, but the breeze on the lake kept us nice and cool! The Gills arrived at the lake just as soon as we were all loaded up ourselves. Little Daniel was ready for his first trip to the lake as well! The boys were so excited in fact, they napped! Sweet little boys!

Literally as soon as we hit the water, the food fest began. What is it about the lake that makes me want to eat all day long?! The Meadors have a grill on the pontoon so we grilled out for lunch. Our day on the lake was so much fun.

Monday morning, Cole surprised us with a first. He rolled over back to front! Then he did it again, and again! He even rolled front to back. He is getting so big, so quickly!

We threw together a quick poolside BBQ. Nothing fancy, just some friends and food. Earlier this month I found a baby pool for Cole, so I blew it up and filled it with water early that morning so it wouldn't be too cold for him. The Whitfields, Meadors, and Gills came over. Sarah introduced us to her good friend Katie. We were so glad she could come as well.

Landon showed the little boys how to jump off the diving board. Sarah got baby Daniel right in the big pool and he loved it! Avery and Cole splashed in the baby pool in the shade. It was so nice to have all the kiddos together again. Clint warmed up the grill while we all visited. It was a nice close to the weekend.

After the BBQ was cleaned up, we spent some quality time just Cole, Daddy and Mommy. It has been in the works for a while, but Cole finally spent his first night upstairs in his crib. The past weekend was such a fun time, filled with memories. Truly a Memorial Day weekend of memories! Our only regrets are that we couldn't make the wedding of Erica Shultz and Scott Dowdy, and the BBQ at my parents house. We need more time each weekend to allow for all the fun get-togethers!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gerber Baby?

We had laughed about the fact that Cole had a sweet smile, and had even been told he looked like the Gerber Baby.

Yesterday, while editing some photos of Cole, I Googled the famous Gerber Baby for giggles. What I saw made me laugh out loud! I have my opinion, what do you think? Gerber Baby or no?

Monday, May 9, 2011

My First Mother's Day

I woke up Sunday morning with the best gift a mother could ever receive, even before I opened my eyes. My family is the most amazing gift! So without even trying the day was off to a great start.

My boys surprised me with two very sweet cards and a little pink gift wrapped box. Clint said Cole had bought it for me; a beautiful Topaz necklace (Cole's birth stone).

Rich Pond Baptist was dedicating all the babies born to Mommies and Daddies in the past 12 months. After a hurried morning of baths and getting dressed we made it to the church just as Cole's name was being read for his introduction. I was so proud of my little family. God was smiling down on us. Cole kicked and blew bubbles, but I think all the sweet babies up front did as well. The Mihok quads, little Nehemiah Shultz, and sweet Evie Ramey were also dedicated in the first service. Combined with the second service, over 24 babies were born since last Mother's Day. I'm so glad Cole has some friends to grow up with a RBC.

After church, Debi, Jerry, Carie Lee, my Mom, Clint, Cole, and I went to O'Charley's for brunch! It was so nice to have both Clint's mom and mine together with us. Both Cole's Nana and Tutu had so much fun making Cole giggle while we waited for our food. There is nothing better that hearing Cole's belly laughs. He smiles with his whole face.

The afternoon was very laid back. We loaded Cole's carseat in Daddy's truck and the three of us went shopping for a fruit tree for my garden. Exactly one year ago on Mother's Day, I felt Cole kick in my belly for the first time. I was shopping with Clint at Lowe's for trees to plant in the yard. We thought it would be fun to plant a tree each year for Mother's Day. This year we chose a Red Delicious Apple Tree. I can't wait to see that tree grow like our sweet baby boy.

A quick idea to grill out turned into the perfect way to close out a perfect day. My father and Sharrye were on there way back from Hopkinsville (seeing my grandmother, Momoo) so they stopped by to join Clint's parents, Carie, and us for dinner. Simple burgers from the grill, chips, and of course the staple of my summer diet, WATERMELON! The sweetest part of the grill out was Cole sitting in his Bumbo Seat, laughing while Sharrye (Cole's Nannie) and Debi (Tutu) played tickle games with Cole.

Of course, my camera was snapping away all day long. Sweet, sweet memories I will remember the rest of my life. The whole day I kept thinking over and over again; this day couldn't get any better. I can say without a doubt that motherhood is the GREATEST priveledge I have ever been entrusted with. I know Cole is a gift from God, and I am so proud to be his Momma!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring in Full Swing

I haven't blogged in a week or so, but things have been very busy! The wet weather is making us appreciate the pretty days so much more than we expected. We have been taking every spare moment and spent it outside in the sunshine. Our garden didn't wash away completely.

Last Saturday Cole's Tutu and I spent some time weeding around the plants in the garden that made it through the flood. To our surprise, the tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, brocolli, and onions are doing great. We may be re-planting the rest, but what a great way to spend more time outside!

Daddy got a fun long weekend away with the boys. Our friends Corey Ellis and Lauren Hinton are getting married this month, so several of Corey's friends flew to Las Vegas for a fun trip. While the boys are away, the girls will play though. Courtney Meador, Sarah Gill, Sarah's Mom Bernadette, Baby Daniel, Tara Coomer, Cole and I went to the Brickyard Cafe for a lovely dinner. Its was so nice to have an almost all girls' nite out. Of course, we were so glad Cole and Daniel joined us!
Cole has learned lots in last few weeks. He is almost sitting up on his own, and is really trying to crawl. We fully expect him to be crawling anytime. He loves the front porch swing. This past weekend he had a very long nap in the swing laying on his new quilt (I finally finished). He also spent some quality time with our cat Smoky, and Auntie Carie's dog Allie. He is really recognizing animals and loves to watch them. We just need to work on gentle hands now!

Easter has come and gone. Cole got to finally play with the Easter Basket I made a while back. It was filled with lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny. He got bubbles, books, an Easter Bunny lovey that is as big as him, a Robin Hood Disney DVD, and his first Bible. Cole's Bible is a special edition for Baby Boys, full of stories about special men from the Bible. He already loves to look at the pictures and turn the pages.

We got to make a quick trip to Grandfather's house in Russellville and visit with him for a few minutes on Easter. It was a little rainy but we still got to see the cows in the field next to his house. Cole was very interested in the babies. Isn't it funny how babies recognize their own kind!

Happy everything is green!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cole is 5 Months Old!

Cows say Moo!

We were warned not to, but we blinked, and Cole turned 5 months old. Where has the time gone? So many new things are a part of our little man's life right now, so we thought it would be a great time to share them.

Cole loves to eat. No big surprise there! His favorites are apples, acorn squash, and bananas, but he has eaten everything we have given him. So far we have tried (all the above, plus) rice cereal, avacados, and sweet potatoes. I went to the grocery yesterday and we will be introducing some new food very soon!

Cole is almost sitting up on his own. He leans forward a bit and braces himself with his hands. Tummy time is much better than it was at first. He has learned to arch his back and hold himself up with his strong arms.

At church, Cole has his own "Sunday School" class in the nursery with lots of other sweet kiddos. We are blessed to have lots of children his age at church! So many people love out little man.

In the service, Cole will take big deep breaths in, and let out long squuels. We think this is his way of singing. He has also learned to let out short high pitched yelps! Mommy and Daddy play games where we screams then he does. Cole absolutely loves it!

In the past month Cole has caught his first fish, with his Pop's help, of course. He has ridden the Ranger with Mommy and Daddy, ridden hte 4-wheeler with Daddy, gone on his first trip to the farmer's market, helped Mommy plant the garden, and had his first bar-b-que with firends and family. Cole has even cut his first tooth. The past month has been very busy! I can't say it enough, we ar TRULY BLESSED to have this little man in our lives.

A sunny day to lay on the blanket by the garden!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Doing Guy Stuff 4/7/11

Clint has been anxiously waiting for the day he could take Cole for a ride in the big green tractor! Yesterday, we got home from work a little earlier than usualy and the boys took advantage of the last bit of sunshine.
Doing guy stuff!

Climbing into the big green tractor. Daddy's Long Legs! Don't worry Mom, Daddy's gotta tight grip on me. Think Mom can fit Dad? Riding off into the sunset

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meat Salad

For some strange reason I have been craving meat salads. First it was Tuna, and now I have progressed to Chicken Salad.

I beleive it began while watching a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond. Marie and Frank were fussing about how to make Tuna Salad. "It needs the celery for a cruch!" Frank told Marie.

Marie explained to Frank how she made Tuna Salad; Tuna, Salt, Pepper, Mayo and Celery. So I grabbed a few items a Kroger and put together my own batch of it.

Marie Barone's Tuna Salad

1 Family Size pack of Tuna (in water)

3 stalks of celery (I like a crunch too, like Frank)

1+ cups of Real Mayo (more if its dry)

Salt and Pepper to taste

I like mine of Captain's Wafers, but its also great on a sandwich!

Then, last Sunday, while at Sam's Club, I realized I had put grapes, canned chicken, and mayo in the cart. Almost everything I would need to make Chicken Salad. So I whipped up a batch of Chicken Salad for this week at work.

Easy Chicken Salad

4 cups chicken diced or shredded

2+/- cups mayo (more or less depending on how you like your salad)

1+/- cups sliced grapes

2 Tbsp lemon juice

1 small pkg sliced almonds

Salt and Pepper (to taste)

Same applies about the crackers and sandwich bread! Enjoy, I know we did!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brenna's Boys at Their Finest!

What could be more fitting than the men of the household hogging the TV? Clint and Cole hogged the remote and watched a marathon of "men shows." Larry the Cable Guy- Only in America, Pawn Stars, and recorded episodes of Mythbusters.
My Men... Daddy, hand Meee the remote!!
Hey, Where's Mommy?!?
Tummy time doesn't seem to bother Cole when Larry is on!

As long as I get to watch at least a partial episode of "everybody Loves Raymond" while I fold laundry or use the eliptical, I'm a happy Mommy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ten Signs of Spring- At The Wiles'

A few of these I have posted previously on my facebook page, but some of these I began brainstorming on my way down the driveway this morning. Spring is such a big source of excitement for me this year. Normally, I don't mind the change is weather, but last spring/summer I wasn't able to get out and play in the sunshine while I was preggo like I had every year previous. (Not that I'm complaining!) So, this year the warm weather has me especially excited. That, and of course, the chance to get Cole out in the sunshine as well! Lets begin, shall we... 1. The Army of Frogs in our Backyard Pond (the pond is a recurring theme in this list, you'll see.) Every spring, at the first hint of warm weather, frogs attack our little pond in the backyard with a vengence. Its as if a bulletin was put out for all single -and most importantly vocal- frogs to gather in our little wet meeting ground. The doors on our house can't block out the roar of croaking bullfrogs! I've been a frog lover forever, but my husband isn't a fan at all. Though Clint may not hand out by the pond unless its with a very long frog gig or a gun, I on the otherhand think its great, the first sign of Spring! 2. Buttercups When I was a little girl, growing up in Cadiz, KY, one of my favorite things to do was pick flowers for my Mom. Isn't that what all little girls are supposed to adore?!? The long wooden fence that separated our strawberry field from the front yard was lined with a bed of buttercup and iris bulbs. Every Spring, I attacked that bed with both hands grabbing at the sweet yellow blooms. I remember my mother teaching me to break the stems at the base and not so close to the blossom. Lots of Easter pictures were taken along that row of sunshine. Every year, I think about our house in Cadiz, and it makes me smile to think, Spring is back yet again! 3. Bunnies Yes, my nickname growing up was Brenna Boo Bunny. If you've known me any length of time, I'm sure this little tidbit of info has surfaced. My mother decorated my nursery in Peter Rabbit, and I've always held the furry little critters close to my heart. So naturally, It always makes my heart jump a beat when I see one hopping around the yard. We're lucky enough to have several good hiding spots at our home for the little guys. A few favorites, are the stone gate at the entry to our driveway, the water pump landscaped bed by our garage, and the garden (of course). The Easter bunny may be a symbol of Easter, but he shows up at our house much sooner! 4. Mallard Ducks We keep a watch out for short green necks every spring. You can't miss them, they stick out against the usually light brown pond (from all the spring rain). Mallard ducks, two sets of them, so far every year since we dug our pond, have nested in the woods next to our pond. I feel very lucky that they chose our home to rest at while they raise their youngens. I like to think its the same males and females, and they have decided to mate for life. Maybe our pond is like their vacation spot. Wouldn't that be funny? My grandfather, Guy Tucker Henderson, would have loved that we have a pond. I have so many memories of him dressed in his camo, floating in a little boat out on Open Lake in Tennessee. I know he's smiling down on Cole while he laughs at the green necks out on our pond. 5. Blooming Trees Clint, my hubby, loves to plant trees. He's even mentioned we should look into insuring them in case something unforseeable were to happen to them. Though he's not a tree hugger, I could see him being one in another life. Thanks to Clint and his affinity for trees, we have lots of spring bloomers. Dogwoods in the forest by the house, Cherry blossoms by the gate, Rebuds behind the house, and Bradford Pears sprinkled here and there. If there is anything more beautiful than the blossoms on the "early springers" its the green leaves that follow them after they fall of the trees. 6. Fishing Jerry, my father in law, has really enjoyed fishing on the pond. While some people may enjoy fishing in the cold, we wait until it warms up, at least a little anyway! While we never properly stocked our pond, we did transport a few large mouth bass and crappie from Clint grandfather's pond in Russellville to ours. Amazingly enough, they survived the trip in a rubbermaid tub, and are thriving. We've caught several good sized bass over the past few years. Cole got to enjoy his first fish, caught by his Pops, a few Sundays ago. A true sign of Spring! 7. Flip-flops and Sundresses On the first 70 degree day, my mind automatically swtiches to flip-flop and sundress mode. Some girls may like their shorts and tank tops, but I a flowy sundress kinda girl! In fact, the first chance we got this March, I was up in the attic digging through my summer clothes for something to wear. Granted, I had to wear a sweater over my shoulders but the fact remains, it was a sundress! 8. Grilling Out At the first sign of warmer weather our minds focus on outdoor dining. One person manning the grill, one in the kitchen, and a runner in between. We all know our positions and we assume them when the sunshine pops out. Last weekend, we took advantage of the unseasonable warm weekend and broke out the grill and hamburgers. Yummo! Hamburgers, pasta salad, chips and salsa (from the garden of course). 9. Striping Our front yard is more like a hay field, rahter it would be if Clint and his Dad didn't keep it mowed every spring/ summer. When the spring rains come, so does the green grass! That of course prompts the Wiles men to fire up the outdoor power equipment; the John Deere tractor, finishing mower and the Gravely mower. Something about the striping in the yard makes me want to pack a picnic lunch and eat under the big maple trees in the front yard. At least its time to start thinking about running barefoot in the front yard catching fireflies. It won't be long now! 10. Big Fat Robins Along side our driveway, Clint planted lots of beautiful maples trees. They were good sized when he planted them a few autumns ago, but the bracnhes are still a bit flimsy. Far too flimsy for all the big fat robins that like to perch there. If only I could have snatch a photo of the fat little guy that was hanging sideways on a limb this morning. The spring has definately been kind to our feathered friends. "They" say a robin is the first sign of spring. I suppose I agree, its at least one at our house. HAPPY SPRING YALL!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Trying my Hand at Sewing!

Cole is such a great model, I thought I would take the opportunity to make clothes for him (before he's too cool to wear them when he's a big boy.) A big thanks to Debi for teaching me to use a pattern. I feel like I should have picked up that skill in Home Economics, but I was a band geek. :)

Here are a few pictures of the sun romper I sewed for my little man. It will be perfect for our summer in the sun! Can't wait to get that angel outside in the shade while I work in my garden.
Cole's Sun Romper

Mommy and her model!

"Enjoy it now Mom!"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cole's First Bites

Cole is growing so fast, and so is his appetite. When we last visited Dr. Kriess, she told us we could begin solids at 16 weeks or 4 months (only a week apart) if we felt Cole was showing signs he was ready.

We felt there were a few reasons he was ready to begin trying the next step into his food adventures. First, he is able to sit up supported by his Bumbo seat. He has been able to do this for some time now, but he is really doing very well with it now! Cole is also not sleeping quite as well through the night; he wakes up more often and is very hungry! We have noticed him chewing and moving his tongue aroud in his mouth, and finally he is constantly putting his hands and toys in his mouth.

Here is a video clip of some of Cole's first bites of cereal. We used brown rice cereal mixed with milk. I think he liked it!

Here are a few snap shots of our hungry little man!

Cole did so well with his first "meal" of solid foods. Next, we plan to try bananas, avacados, and apples, after we gives each a few days to be sure he isn't allergic! We are preparing Cole's food at home, for now, and it is super easy! After lots of research and advice we decided to purchase a Baby Brezza steamer/ baby food prep. system. We love it!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gettin' Crafty for Cole: Easter/ Spring Edition

I'm always looking for a new "project," and my severe case of spring fever helped me to find this one. I don't know about everyone else, but we have had enough of being cooped up this winter. We're ready for Spring, Easter, and sunshine! What better craft project than an Easter Basket?
As with all my crafts, I can't take credit for the initial idea. Cole's first Easter is fast approaching and I began hunting for a Easter Basket a few weekends ago. It just so happened that Pottery Barn Kids had sent us a catalog with the new Spring line. It was full of so many cute ideas for boys and girls. While I can appreciate the quality coming from PBK, I would much rather find a way to make it myself when it comes to an item like the basket shown below. Especially when the basket and liner alone cost $50, and that doesn't include monogramming or shipping!

After a bit of thought into how to go about it, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby for some fabric, ribbon, and a basket. Now, let me preface by saying I have absolutely no training with a sewing machine. I just spend hours going over how to make something before beginning.
For this project, I bought one yard of cheerful fabric, two rolls of fabric ribbon (1 inch and 1/2 inch wide), and a basket. Total cost $15.68 plus tax. If you want info on how I made it, I will be glad to try and explain, but like I said, I have no idea what I am doing, and there is probably a much easier way to make a basket liner. I just "winged it!"
After making the liner, I cut left over scrap material into strips, and fabric ribbon into pieces with pinking shears. The pieces were tied around the handle to add color! The finished product turned out just like I was hoping!
Just remember, you can do anything you put your mind to! My Mom told me, and I never forgot it!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mommy turns 27!

Some don't like their birthdays after 25, but I say bring it on. Each year gets more interesting and I grow more excited. Each day is such a gift!

There were so many things that made my birthday special last year. On this day a year ago, my husband surprised me with lilies in a vase and a card on my desk when I got to work. Later that morning, I received a delivery with a beautiful flower arrangement from my friends Sharon Grooms and Courtney Meador. For lunch, I got my favorite; a sunshine chicken salad from Rafferty's and a special cake compliments of Clint and Debi.
We had plans that evening to go out to eat in Nashville with some friends. Before leaving for Nashville, we planned to meet at Daniel and Courtney Meador's house with everyone before driving to Flemmings. To my surprise, all of our friends were at the Meadors' house waiting to surprise me with a birthday party! Courtney had sent out invitations and ordered me a special cake. Here is a picture of me blowing out the candles!
Courtney and a few of the other girls there began having a conversation about children and how I felt I was ready to begin our family. Life had been so busy I didn't realize that it had already happened! Courtney suggested I go get a pregnancy test. The next day, Saturday March 6th, I bought a pregnancy test at CVS. (I still have the test, and the receipt.) It was positive.
Completely shocked, I took another test. Positive again! I drove to see Clint at work, and surprised him. We took a third test. And you guessed it...positive again!
A little later I made an appointment with Dr. Hewitt who confirmed what we already knew. A little bundle of joy was on their way.
The past year has been the most amazing year of my life. I can't imagine how any one person could feel any more loved than I have felt over the past 12 months. I have so very much to be thankful for; amazing family, friends, and the most wonderful gift of any, my sweet baby boy Cole Daniel. How did we ever live without him. I can't even imagine.
I am looking forward to the next year, sure that it will be full of crazy, exciting, stressful, memorable, blessed moments! And that, my friends, is why I never shy away from celebrating a birthday. The journey this life is taking me on, is fantastic, and I am so excited to find out what the next year has in store!
Lots of love to you all!

Cole and Mommy on her birthday 2011!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Daddy Turns 31

Its just another day... That's what Clint kept telling himself all day Friday. Poor thing did not want another birthday. If we thought 30 was a rough milestone, then 31 was the pits. It wasn't the best of moments for our favorite Dad/ Hubby.

Plans didn't go exactly as hoped for...

The Cupcake Debacle

I had a few brief moments in between dinner and bedtime routine while Clint was working in his man-cave Thursday evening to make some birthday cupcakes. Nothing fancy mind you, just the box cake in paper cups, with store bought white icing. But when the 20 minutes it takes to make these lil' beauties is all you have until after the little man is fast asleep, they are worth their weight in GOLD!

Though I tried to make it a surprise, Clint caught a wiff of what was coming out of the oven and I was "made". I went ahead and let the pre-birthday boy have a taste of one fresh from the oven. After they cooled I packed them up to take to work for the next day. So good so far...

The next morning (Clint's birthday) I was loading Cole in the car, and the rubbermaid container slid out of my hands and into the driveway. Thankfully, I had a few left over on a plate inside (only 12 would fit in my container). After all that, he only ate 1 cupcake. I should have just went to Gigi's. **sigh**


I'm not sure about everyone, but I know Clint and I find ourselves stuck very often with the question, " What do you want to eat?" Only to be followed immediately by the slightly more annoying, "I don't know, What do you want to eat?" Add to the mix a stressful day, oh say, like a 31st birthday, and you have a recipe for a bad lunch.

In hopes that it may cheer Clint up, I offered him lunch from Toot's. Nothing like deep fried chicken basted in hot sauce to brighten a dreary day! But he didn't have the five minutes it would have taken to enjoy the meal. Clint didn't get to eat lunch on his special day.

Dinner Plans

Earlier in the week, I had spoken to Sarah Gill and made arrangements to eat together on Friday evening. Unfortunately, Clint had to work late and we were unable to make those plans. We opted for an evening in at home where the delicacy of choice was Honey Nut Cheerios and Frosted Flakes. Not exactly the meal I was hoping to have for my special guy. :(

All in all, it seemed Clint's day was a disaster, but at the last moment, Cole saved the whole thing. While laying on the bed, Daddy got a few minutes of play time in with the munchkin. Cole giggled outloud while Clint made funny noises. Clint laughed just as hard. If anyhting from Clint's 31st birthday will be remembered, it will be the sound of pure joy from a three month old. Gotta love Cole!!

Check out my facebook page for the video of Cole laughing while Clint makes funny noises. Priceless!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cole is 3 months old!

Cole turned 3 months old Saturday, February 19. I thought in honor of this mini-milestone, I would share some of what Cole has accomplished a learned thus far.


Cole is able to hold his head up and is very good at it! He follows bright colors and sounds with his eyes and turns his head.
Cole has been using his play gym for quite a while now and is very good at using eye hand coordination to swat at the handing toys. He also uses his feet to kick at them.

Cole hasn't said any words yet, but is very good at the "g" sound and cooes vowell sounds. He loves to gurgle and will respond when you gurlge at him. Its a fun game we play.

Sleep Schedule

Cole has had a bedtime routine for a while now. I believe we started it early January. At first, we put him down for bed around 10pm, but we have moved that up to 9:00 (thankfully) and is up by 7:00.

He usually only gets up once during the night for a feeding, around 4:45!

Naptime is usually 10:00 am and around 3:00pm, with a few short ones here and there. We don't put Cole on a schedule for these naptimes, but he seems to sets his own time clock! I think he likes making his own routine!

Favorites Toys and Games

Cole loves to makes faces. We spend lots of time making silly faces, and I do mean both of us. He loves to curl his tongue and squeel!

The vibrator/ bouncy seat was Cole's favorite spot for a long time, but since then he has graduated to his play gym/ mat. The play gym is great because it plays music and he cna swat at the handing toys.

Cole does NOT like tummy time. We really struggle with keeping him on his tummy for any amount of time. One to two minutes is all we are able to manage before he gets very upset.

We try to sit down at least once a day to read books. Cole favorite book right now is "Hello Bugs", a picture book that is black and white with a splash of color on each page. We have also read nursery rhymes, Dr. Seuss, and several books that were given as gifts. Cole stares at each page while we read. I think he will love books as he grows older!

Bath time is Cole's favorite time of day I do beleive! Around 8:00 every night we let him splash a kick in the water for a few minutes before he is scrubbed! He is most active and vocal while in the bath tub! We love seeing him arch his back and laugh. It is awesome.

Special Outings

Cole got to take his first outdoor stroller ride on Sunday, February 20. It was very windy but the sun was shining and the temperature was almost 70 degrees. We loved it! Cole was wrapped up in a stroller blanket and a hoody jacket with sunglasses over his eyes! He was too cute.

Ready to Roll!

Cole got to go to church with Mommy for the first time this month! He loves the music we sing, and the instruments expecially. He loves to talk out loud in Sunday School and make interesting noises during prayer request time. (Sorry folks). I'm so glad Cole enjoys it as much as I do!


If you have seen pictures of our little man, you already know he likes to eat! Cole eats almost every 2 hours during the day except during extra long naps. You can tell too. At his 2 month checkup his official weight was 14 lbs 9 oz and his height was 25 inches! He is in the 93rd percentile. Such a big boy, and healthy too! We love our good little eater!

3 month play photo shoot with Mom!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It may just be a silly holdiay inspired by Greeting Card companies, but I'll buy into anything that involves a fun craft project! Especially one that encourages LOVE!
Cole and I had lots of fun creating our very own special Valentines for his grandmothers and of course, his Daddy! It was a blast from the past, getting out contruction paper, a glue stick, markers and some pictures printed on our printer. Very reminiscent of elementary school.

We also surprsied Clint with some hand and feet imprints in plaster. I snuck away to Hobby Lobby last week and bought a DIY kit. Debi helped me hold Cole's hand and feet semi-still while we attempted to get a good impression. The hand went pretty smoothly, but when we tried his feet, he scrunched them up and made a huge mess. I didn't even try to re-do it. Its a memory I will never forget, those little scrunched up toes, and we have the plaster mold to help!

This morning when I got to work, Clint had a dozen red roses, a box of chocolates, and a card waiting on my desk. He always remembers to treat the ladies in his life extra special on Valentines Day! Debi snapped a photo of all three of us right after we presented her with he special Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day from the Wiles

(Sorry the hair was looking a bit rough in this one!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Date Night! 2/6/11

It wasn't our first night out on the town, but definately our first night to be out of town from our little man. Nashville is only an hour away but it took all week for me to psyche myself up for the evening away. Debi came over and stayed with Cole so Clint and I could meet up with some friends (The Meadors, Gills, and Baenzigers) for an amazing meal at one of our favorite restraunts, Ruth Chris.
Clint took me to Ruth Chris for our first date back in 2005 and we have tried to make it back at least once every year, not necessarily as an anniversary trip, but just to enjoy the amazing menu, atmosphere, and more recently friends. We are never disappointed. Who could be with the most mouth watering filet on a sizzling 5oo degree plate. My favorite, thanks to Courtney Meador, is the creamed spinach. I'm not really a spinach eater, but after trying scrumptious side, I've never requested anything else. The caesar salad is always my favorite starter, and they had a special desert for us; raspberry sherbert served alongside a chocolate cake drizzled with white sauce. Yummo!

The only thing that made our evening even better, was the company. It was so nice to have an night out with the gang. Sarah Gill is expecting any day now, and she and David very excited about baby Daniel! Cami and Chris came from Lebanon with good news about a promotion at Cami's job; yea!! Courtney and Daniel got to share some with us about Landon; he's getting sooo big! Its hard to believe how different all of our lives were this time last year. I think I can safely speak for everyone when I say, we have all been so blessed!

After dinner we occupied the table a bit longer and then called it a night. Cami and Chris were off to Lebabnon one way and the rest of us to BG. I think we've decided we need to do this more often. We'll see what little man says.

Family Pic! Dressed up and ready to head out the door for our date night!