Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring Wheat Harvest

Tonight after church, Cole and I put on our crocs and headed out to the garden. We didn't get too much accomplished until Cole noticed the hum of two large combines in the field south of our property.
The wheat is golden and ready to be harvested. I knew it would be anytime now. It just so happened we caught them at exactly the right time for Cole to get a show!!

I drove the Ranger through a break in the brush at the edge of their field just large enough for us to fit. Cole had a perfect view of the wheat, the "tac TORs" and the sunset! He was in heaven!

After several minutes of bliss, he'd had enough and we went in for bath. A stow-away had latched on to Cole's diaper; a tick! After I stripped his entire body and searched it in 2.5 seconds, I whipped out a lighter and promptly burnt the pest.

If that wasn't enough, while disposing of the tick, Cole left his second surprise waiting under the bubbles in the bath. This Mommy has had enough excitement for one evening. :)

All in all, lots of fun was had at the Wiles this evening, regardless of the tick! Cole is already fast asleep mumbling about tac-TORs and his papi (pacifier). Nite all...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How does your garden grow?

This year we chose to try raising a garden organically. While we arent 100% sure we are doing it correctly, the garden seems to be growing by leaps and bounds!

This season our seeds were purchased from and they have produced great seedlings. The young plants were transplanted at various times over the past few weeks. After our long busy weekend, Cole and I went to check on the garden this morning. It has been unusually hot this spring with temps reaching as high as 100 degrees, so I was concerned some of the tomatoes and melons would be wilted. Much to our surprise, the veggies are loving the heat!

Cole just loves the chance to be outdoors and ride the ranger. Here's hoping he's learning to love the garden as much as his Momma does!

Memorial Day Trio

Ah!!! What could be more relaxing and enjoyable than a day on the lake with good friends? This morning we packed suits, trunks, floaties, snacks, and ourselves up make a fun day on the lake with The Meadors and The Gills.

Cole had been to the lake last year, but this year he was ready to wear his puddle jumper and dip into the water with Mommy! Daddy even got in this time. It took a few minutes for him to feel comfortable, but soon Cole was splashing and laughing with the best of them. We foresee lots more trips to the lake with our little water dog.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Always be my baby...

This weekend isn't over quite yet, and already it seems so perfect.

Clint was honored to be Best Man in Andy and Lindsay Jolly's wedding. It always takes me back to that day we both said "I do."

It seemed almost as perfect that day as it is remembered now. The only extra in our family now, Cole, sat in my lap as Andy danced with his Momma, Reta. I couldn't help but tear up. One day that will be our boy. But tonight I'll just rock him a little closer and whisper in his ear yet again, you'll always be my baby. Just like my Momma did with me.