Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Itching to Begin June 29, 2010

After seraching through countless webpages for the perfect baby boy bedding we found a very sweet set at Pottery Barn Kids. The Jungle Friends set seems to be very popular (we weren't aware until after we decided upon ordering it) and we had to backorder the set. Not too terribly long, but days seemed to drag along and I waited to get the phone call to pick up all the pieces we ordered.

Friday, Courntey, Daniel, Clint and I made an evening of it. We drove to GreenHills Mall in Nashville and picked up our bag full of monkeys, elephants, lions and giraffes. Yes, our little man will be a zoo keeper before he even knows what one is! Of course, no trip to Nashville is complete without some sort of dining experience. The boys twisted our arms. and Courntey and I agreed to Ruths Chris. Its a hard life, I'm telling ya!

Saturday, we planned on spending the day with our good friends the Grahams at the Lake House by Barren River Lake. I got spoiled, spending the day with all the sweet kiddos! Landon Meador, my favorite 2 year old in the whole world, proved to me yet again that fear is learned nit inherited! My husband spend a good our picking him up out of the water and tossing his at least ten feet towards his father in the lake below. The child couldn't get enough of it!!

Megan Graham, and her little 4 month old Jackson kept me busy, in a completely wonderful way. I grabbed him up all for myself while the girls fixed up dinner in the lake house. I must say he fits perfectly into ones arms! It was hard to give him up when his Grandmother arrived, but I totally understood!

Christy Potter and her sweet little Raelie have we also there. We fell in love with Little Raelie at the Gill's Superbowl party earlier in 2010. She is the perfect combiantion of her Mommmy and Daddy! Precious as a sweet pea and curious, this little girl had a blast in the lake wearing her infant life jacket. Christy propped her on her back and she was set. I wish I had taken some pictures of her. She even had on an itty bitty teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini! NOt sure if she wore it for the first time that day or not, but it was stinkin cute!

Sunday, we woke up feeling the urge to nest. I suppose that is the term they use. I had the overwhelming desire to clean everyhting out of the baby's nursery and prepare for paint. It had to be done that day! Crazy hormones of mine! The only problem with doing this; we have no place to put the extra stuff we didn't realize we had so much of. Where to this accumulation of sentimentals, collectibles, and trinkets come from. I think I may have a problem.

Clint was a huge help and of course, moved all the large items. We bought some paint to match our zoo bedding and are in the market for a painter to turn our nuetral room Phantom Blue! Not sure I love the name, but the color is great. Any suggestions, let me know.

I hate to say it, and even worse be it, but I am very anxious and ready to get this nursery set up! I know in 6 months I'll be wanting time to slow down, but at this exact moment I'm ready to see some progress. Plus, I think my facebook friends are ready to see some pictures of my Monkey's room.

I'll be posting soon, hopefully pictures of a freshly painted and creatively decorated Zoo Nursery!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Half Way There 06/24/2010

Today is a very special day, one that I thought would never get here; we are 20 weeks pregnant and offically half way to our due date of November 11, 2010. It seems so strange that after years of imagining what it would feel like to be here in this moment, I have fianlly arrived. Yes, if you are asking yourself, I was dreaming of being a mother long before I met my loving husband. I suppose I have always wanted to be a mother.

I always wondered what it would feel like to be expecting a little human to arrive. The thought of a child inside my womb kicking a squirming seemed so alien. Now, it seems so familiar and sweet. This morning on the way to work, my little monkey kicked time after time after time. Maybe he likes the vibration of the tires over our gravel driveway, or maybe he likes to ride. No matter what he was feeling, I just smile and said good morning to my little man.

Clint and I were driving to Hendersonville, TN Tuesday night to pick up the baby's dresser at Target. Apparently its a sought after item and only two were avaialble in the tri-state area. Luckily we were only 50 miles away. The baby began one of his kicking sessions and I just laughed and said he agreed with what I was saying. Clint gave me a funny look, but in a way I do feel like we have conversations that require no words. NO, I don't know for sure what he is thinking at this exact moment, but I have no doubts his little brain is processing lots as I am writing this entry. The amazing thing, this is just the beginning. The things his brain will come up with in the next few hours, months and years. I feel so blessed to get to be here for them.

Planning for this little person is well underway. Our good friends, the Meadors, are driving with us to Green Hills Mall tomorrow to pick up our baby bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. I feel like this is the turning point. Now we can match paint colors to the bedding and get the nursery re-painted. Then, the glorious project of piecing together the crib, changing table, and our sought after dresser (maybe not so much after Clint begins to put them together) can begin.

We had the bright idea to decorate the nursery in zoo animals one night while watching Planet Earth on television. "Animals would be very stimulating for the baby. Or at least everything Baby Einstein is in some varying theme of bright colors and zebra stripes, so we can't go wrong, right?" Is this the same as saying if we read it on the internet, its true. I've come to believe that 50% of the "stuff" I've read in child development books is gold and the other 50% is garbage. My only problem is which 50% am I leaning toward.

In my mind, my child will wake up from a peaceful slumber look over at his 5' tall giraffe and think to himself, "That's a giraffe." Ok, maybe I'm jumping ahead of myself, but lets get his brain cells working. We'll take trips to the zoo when he's a toddler and he'll have all his favorites already determined based on the multiple bedtime books we rehearse together. I want his imagniation to run wild and hopefully this room will be the first step on his road to discovering the world.

So, 20 weeks down and 20 weeks to go. As you can see my brain isn't slowing down. The pregger brain continues to run wild in anticipation of the arrival of our Monkey.