Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11, 2010 The Due Date that came and went!

Well boys and girls, its November 11, 2010 and our little Cole is warm and cozy inside still. Our original appointment with Dr. Hewitt earlier this week on Tuesday gave us a bit of insight into the fact that we would be waiting a bit longer for our Monkey's debut. I'll admit, I was disappointed. All along I have envisioned holding my angel on 11/11/10, but that just isn't going to happen.

Tuesday November 9, I wasn't dilated or efaced. Dr. Hewitt recommended we come back on Thursday (today) to check once more our progress. He didn't say what the plan was, just that we would discuss it Thursday.

Today, at 9:45 we went back to his office and still no progress. I had a feeling he was going to say that. NOt becuase I am having a pity party, but I just haven't been feeling "different." Sure, I'm tired, my hips go numb as I rotate from side to side at night, my lower back is pretty raw from the constant throbbing, and I think my belly couldn't possibly grow any larger, but what girl hasn't experienced all of these things. I would GLADLY do it all over again for this little boy, my world, who will be here very soon.

The plan is to wait another week and see how we progress. After reviewing my non-stress test today, Dr. H said Cole is perfectly healthy and I am equally as well off. My blood pressure has been perfect throughout the pregnancy and he sees no reason we can't wait safely until next week. November 18 I will go back to the office and get checked. If I still haven't dilated, the plan is to send me up to the Medical Center for Pre-op for a scheduled C-section. (YIKES and GULP, more about how I feel on this matter in a moment). If I have dilated as little as 1 cm, Clint and I want to opt for an induction. I do realize the probability of my needing a C-section after being this far overdue and having an induction is very high (like 70-80%) but I still want to let Cole progress naturally if at all possible. Of course, if Cole decides to make quick business of this whole dialting and effacing thing, by all means, we'll let Daddy rush me to the hospital, and all that jazz. We would by far, prefer this scenario.

Now for my feelings on the C-section;
NO, I don't want one.
YES, I am scared to have the procedure.
NO, I will not let myself get worked up over it and cause my child to freak out. (I hear they can smell fear!)

Seriously though, I have had in my mind an idea of what delivery will be like. Fade into my daydream with me.....~~~~~~~~

Its the middle of the night, and I awake from a beautiful slumber to unusual pain. I wait a while before waking Clint to make sure this is the real deal. I get up to walk off the practice contractions, if that is what they are, but no they continue to get stronger and stronger. "Ok" I say to myself, "Time to wake Daddy-to-be!"

I gently wake Clint, who calmy opens the Contraction app on his iPhone and times them for me. In the mean time, I have time to freshen up, apply makeup, fix my hair, and collect what last minute items I need in my bag. Once my slightly painful contractions are lasting 1 minute in duration and are spaced 5 minutes apart, we grab my bag and walk out of the house for the car. Clint has my seat warmer on, and the car is ready to go, snuggly warm!!

When we get to the hospital, Clint escorts me to the second floor, Labor and Delivery, where a gaggle of sweet nurses wisk me into a gown and prepare me for my iv fluids before receiving my epidural. Because by this time I am nearly 4 cm dilated, perfect for having my epidural administered. Labor progresses wonderfully, and before we know it, its time to start pushing. Dr. Hewitt, by this time, is ready and waiting to catch our little football!! Just like we hoped, a few pushes and there he is, perfect! Maybe a little cone-headed, but we can deal. Dr. H hands him up to me so we can begin Skin-to-Skin and my heart grows ten times!!!

In my arms is my angel.

I realize it isn't going to happen this way. Even if we do go into labor naturally, its going to be one long exhausting trip and we aren't going to be ready. Be posted for the actual version of what happens. It will surely be more like a spinoff of the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Whatever Cole's entrance into this world turns out to be, we are SO EXCITED to welcome him. So long as the end product is a helthy baby, what more could we ask for?