Monday, August 10, 2015

Dear Person Who Found my Coupon Binder

Dear Person Who Found my Coupon Binder,
  I am hoping that Friday when you found my lovely pink binder in the shopping cart at Kroger you were simply too busy to remember calling my number, as it was posted right under my name on the outside.  I'm sure it was a crazy day for you just like me!  I was trying to get through the grocery with my four year old and three month old and simply forgot to toss it into the car after loading my purchases.

  If by some crazy mistake it slips your mind to call me, I hope the coupons I had organized inside help your family to save money.  I spent many hours cutting, and placing them in the clear pockets inside so it would/should be very convenient for future shopping trips.  The scissors in the pencil holder inside were some of my favorites.  I bet they'll come in handy as well.  Hope your Monday is better than mine has been.  I've been searching high and low for my binder.  :)

A sarcastic Brenna

All joking aside, I am pretty devastated my coupon binder is missing.  Its been such a great tool in my quest to save money for my family.  Oh well, and moving forward.  I'll take this golden opportunity to find the good in the situation.  This opens me up to a new project, Coupon Binder 2.0.  I'll post more as it comes together.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Stitch Fix! First Shipment

After hardly any convincing, my friends helped me sign up for Stitch Fix.  What is this you ask?  Its a miracle for mommy's like me who wish to look decent, but have no clue how to do so any longer.  After having baby boy, three months ago (yes, I know *tear*) I am in a rut.  I am in between sizes.  My clothes from before my second pregnancy don't fit (YET) and I am over my maternity clothes.  It was as if Keila and Erica knew exactly where I was in my closet dilemma and they were at the ready to help.

Stitch Fix is an online service that provides five items in a shipment to your door.  These beauties are hand selected by your stylist- I just love thinking I have a stylist by the way - after you complete a survey about your personal preferences.  I was even able to provide a price range per item to ensure I was still able to make our commitment to budget without overspending.  The shipment frequency can be chosen as often, or as far apart as you like.  I chose every quarter.

I was able to give my friend a credit for her referral of $25.  And in turn, as I tell my friends I'm able to receive the same credit!  Another great advantage to this service is the discount offered if I kept all five items shipped; 25%.  I love a bargain.  Like my mom always says, "Never pay retail for ANYTHING!"

SO, lets get to it.  My first FIX!

Item # 1 Gilli Blossom Maxi Dress, Large, $74

At first glance, I didn't expect to love this item.  I have large hips and I'm not thrilled with the way flowy dresses look right now.  But I tried it on anyway.  I'm so glad I did.  It drapes very nicely and doesn't cling in the wrong places.  The crochet detail on the back is spot on to my style (HA!  I didn't know I had one until now) and I feel very trendy.  The best part by far is the fact I'll be able to nurse baby boy while wearing this one.  I was struggling to find items to wear to church or out to eat with friends that would be flattering and yet functional. The stretch of the neckline will allow it to keep its shape after using it as well.  SCORE!  I'm keeping it! 

Item #2 Gorjana Teresa Mini Bar Studs $38

Again, at first glance, I wasn't too excited about these studs.  I have my "old faithful" pair of dangly earrings I wear most days; however, something my stylist included on the note sparked my attention... baby proof.  Good point.  In a few short months, my ears and all things dangling from them, will be fair game for Luke.  I'm so happy I have a pair of earrings that will look nice with many outfits.  I feel these will be my new go-to earrings!  Kept, of course.  

Item #3 Market and Spruce Walfrid Henley Blouse, Large, $48

I was so excited when I saw this beautiful top.  I was most happy about trying this piece on.  The print is lovely and the fit is wonderful.  I love that the sleeves are three quarter and can be secured once rolled with a button.  I have a feeling I will be wearing this for our family pictures this fall! Kept for sure.

#4 Level 99 Blossom Flare Jean, 32, $118

Yes, yes, YES!  I needed a pair of jeans that didn't fall down, stretched with me, could be worn casually or to the park for a play date or to a dressier get-together, and that FIT without making me feel overweight.  Not that I am satisfied with my current state post-baby, but you know...  Apparently, these lovely jeans are made with a special material that gives them extra stretch.  I kid you not, they feel like lounge pants, but I feel so fabulous in them its hardly fair.  Very well worth the price tag.  I don't think I've ever paid this for a single item of clothing in my life.  Its a KEEPER!

#5 Market & Spruce Lille Quilted Detail Henley Top, Large, $44

This was another one I wasn't quite sure about; however, I'm holding on to it to see if the styling tips I was given help to inspire me.  The quilted detail on the shoulders and the material is quite nice.  Its heavier than normal tees, but it has the look of a standard tee.  I decided to keep this one so we will see.

So, what is my verdict after my first stitch fix?  I do adore having advice from someone who obviously knows more about fashion than myself.  I appreciate the suggestions provided on the cards they sent.  The discount for buying all five pieces plus the $20 styling credit is a great incentive, and the referral credit possibility will be a huge treat if applied.  I do believe I will keep my next Stitch Fix scheduled and I will be very excited when a new box with lovelies arrives at my doorstep!

If you would like to try out this fantastic service, I would greatly appreciate the referral.  And keep passing it forward.  Wouldn't it be great if we could all receive a free shipment?  Here's hoping you love your fix as much as I have mine.