Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day weekend- a weekend of memories!

Memorial Day weekend was so much fun for us! As usual for us, every day was packed with activity. Our sweet boy is 6 months old and very busy, so I think he enjoyed the entertainment, there was certainly no lack of it over the past few days!

Friday afternoon has been reserved lately for riding the ranger with Daddy around the house. I think Cole really looks forward to it. As soon as he sees the ranger fire up, he begins to kick his legs and wiggle with excitement! It was a little cooler than we expected so I dug out a jacket and pants. Cole even got to wear his baseball cap that his Aunt Carie bought for him late last summer.

Saturday, Mommy and Cole spent the morning running errands and cleaning the house. Our friends Lauren Hinton and Cory Ellis were getting married at 5:30, and we had lots to get ready for the next few days before we got dressed up for the celebration. I know lots of Mom's feel this way, but it seems like we pack our lives when we go anywhere these says. I must be over packing, but I feel better knowing I have more than we actually needs for our adventures.

The wedding was beautiful. Brother Chyle preached a very sweet sermon during the ceremony. Lauren was gorgeous in her dress. She looked very elegant. The reception was at Indian Hills Country Club and was so much fun. The food and company couldn't be beat!

We got home as quickly as we could break ourselves away, because we had big plans to go to the lake with the Meadors and the Gills the next day. Thankfully Cole got some good rest that night! (Another blog entry soon to come...) Sunday morning we were up by 6:00. Our bags were already packed and we were so excited to be on our way to the lake. The Meadors showed up at our house with the party barge (their pontoon boat). We loaded all the goodies into the boat and sent the Dads ahead of the girls and kiddos to get the boat in the lake. Anticipating a larger crowd on the lake for the holiday, added to the fact that only two ramps were open, we thought it best the guys take care of heavy machinery before we got there!

Its always so much fun driving to the lake. This time however; my angel was in tow! Landon helped me pick up a few last minute items at Kroger. There's something about the lake that makes me crave hummus and crackers. YUM! After all the packing and buckling, and Krogering, we were on our way! A short drive to the lake, a few attempts at getting all of us loaded into the actual boat, and our day of fun in the sun began.

I bought a misting fan and table top battery powered fan to keep Cole from getting too warm, but the breeze on the lake kept us nice and cool! The Gills arrived at the lake just as soon as we were all loaded up ourselves. Little Daniel was ready for his first trip to the lake as well! The boys were so excited in fact, they napped! Sweet little boys!

Literally as soon as we hit the water, the food fest began. What is it about the lake that makes me want to eat all day long?! The Meadors have a grill on the pontoon so we grilled out for lunch. Our day on the lake was so much fun.

Monday morning, Cole surprised us with a first. He rolled over back to front! Then he did it again, and again! He even rolled front to back. He is getting so big, so quickly!

We threw together a quick poolside BBQ. Nothing fancy, just some friends and food. Earlier this month I found a baby pool for Cole, so I blew it up and filled it with water early that morning so it wouldn't be too cold for him. The Whitfields, Meadors, and Gills came over. Sarah introduced us to her good friend Katie. We were so glad she could come as well.

Landon showed the little boys how to jump off the diving board. Sarah got baby Daniel right in the big pool and he loved it! Avery and Cole splashed in the baby pool in the shade. It was so nice to have all the kiddos together again. Clint warmed up the grill while we all visited. It was a nice close to the weekend.

After the BBQ was cleaned up, we spent some quality time just Cole, Daddy and Mommy. It has been in the works for a while, but Cole finally spent his first night upstairs in his crib. The past weekend was such a fun time, filled with memories. Truly a Memorial Day weekend of memories! Our only regrets are that we couldn't make the wedding of Erica Shultz and Scott Dowdy, and the BBQ at my parents house. We need more time each weekend to allow for all the fun get-togethers!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gerber Baby?

We had laughed about the fact that Cole had a sweet smile, and had even been told he looked like the Gerber Baby.

Yesterday, while editing some photos of Cole, I Googled the famous Gerber Baby for giggles. What I saw made me laugh out loud! I have my opinion, what do you think? Gerber Baby or no?

Monday, May 9, 2011

My First Mother's Day

I woke up Sunday morning with the best gift a mother could ever receive, even before I opened my eyes. My family is the most amazing gift! So without even trying the day was off to a great start.

My boys surprised me with two very sweet cards and a little pink gift wrapped box. Clint said Cole had bought it for me; a beautiful Topaz necklace (Cole's birth stone).

Rich Pond Baptist was dedicating all the babies born to Mommies and Daddies in the past 12 months. After a hurried morning of baths and getting dressed we made it to the church just as Cole's name was being read for his introduction. I was so proud of my little family. God was smiling down on us. Cole kicked and blew bubbles, but I think all the sweet babies up front did as well. The Mihok quads, little Nehemiah Shultz, and sweet Evie Ramey were also dedicated in the first service. Combined with the second service, over 24 babies were born since last Mother's Day. I'm so glad Cole has some friends to grow up with a RBC.

After church, Debi, Jerry, Carie Lee, my Mom, Clint, Cole, and I went to O'Charley's for brunch! It was so nice to have both Clint's mom and mine together with us. Both Cole's Nana and Tutu had so much fun making Cole giggle while we waited for our food. There is nothing better that hearing Cole's belly laughs. He smiles with his whole face.

The afternoon was very laid back. We loaded Cole's carseat in Daddy's truck and the three of us went shopping for a fruit tree for my garden. Exactly one year ago on Mother's Day, I felt Cole kick in my belly for the first time. I was shopping with Clint at Lowe's for trees to plant in the yard. We thought it would be fun to plant a tree each year for Mother's Day. This year we chose a Red Delicious Apple Tree. I can't wait to see that tree grow like our sweet baby boy.

A quick idea to grill out turned into the perfect way to close out a perfect day. My father and Sharrye were on there way back from Hopkinsville (seeing my grandmother, Momoo) so they stopped by to join Clint's parents, Carie, and us for dinner. Simple burgers from the grill, chips, and of course the staple of my summer diet, WATERMELON! The sweetest part of the grill out was Cole sitting in his Bumbo Seat, laughing while Sharrye (Cole's Nannie) and Debi (Tutu) played tickle games with Cole.

Of course, my camera was snapping away all day long. Sweet, sweet memories I will remember the rest of my life. The whole day I kept thinking over and over again; this day couldn't get any better. I can say without a doubt that motherhood is the GREATEST priveledge I have ever been entrusted with. I know Cole is a gift from God, and I am so proud to be his Momma!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring in Full Swing

I haven't blogged in a week or so, but things have been very busy! The wet weather is making us appreciate the pretty days so much more than we expected. We have been taking every spare moment and spent it outside in the sunshine. Our garden didn't wash away completely.

Last Saturday Cole's Tutu and I spent some time weeding around the plants in the garden that made it through the flood. To our surprise, the tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, brocolli, and onions are doing great. We may be re-planting the rest, but what a great way to spend more time outside!

Daddy got a fun long weekend away with the boys. Our friends Corey Ellis and Lauren Hinton are getting married this month, so several of Corey's friends flew to Las Vegas for a fun trip. While the boys are away, the girls will play though. Courtney Meador, Sarah Gill, Sarah's Mom Bernadette, Baby Daniel, Tara Coomer, Cole and I went to the Brickyard Cafe for a lovely dinner. Its was so nice to have an almost all girls' nite out. Of course, we were so glad Cole and Daniel joined us!
Cole has learned lots in last few weeks. He is almost sitting up on his own, and is really trying to crawl. We fully expect him to be crawling anytime. He loves the front porch swing. This past weekend he had a very long nap in the swing laying on his new quilt (I finally finished). He also spent some quality time with our cat Smoky, and Auntie Carie's dog Allie. He is really recognizing animals and loves to watch them. We just need to work on gentle hands now!

Easter has come and gone. Cole got to finally play with the Easter Basket I made a while back. It was filled with lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny. He got bubbles, books, an Easter Bunny lovey that is as big as him, a Robin Hood Disney DVD, and his first Bible. Cole's Bible is a special edition for Baby Boys, full of stories about special men from the Bible. He already loves to look at the pictures and turn the pages.

We got to make a quick trip to Grandfather's house in Russellville and visit with him for a few minutes on Easter. It was a little rainy but we still got to see the cows in the field next to his house. Cole was very interested in the babies. Isn't it funny how babies recognize their own kind!

Happy everything is green!