Monday, March 25, 2013

Haircuts in the kitchen

Normally the boys gets their haircut in the garage thanks to a pair of Wahl hair clippers and Debi (aka Tutu). The cold temps have kept the boys from doing so outside. Today, the 25th of March, we had a late snow for the season, so haircuts outside were definitely off the table.

Clint hadn't had his haircut since I was in Vanderbilt in early December, i.e. it was way past time to cut his. Cole's bangs were tickling his eyes. We luckily had an old sheet we used as a drop cloth and used the kitchen as our salon.

Cole went first per his request. He loved it. Being the sentimental momma I am, I of course saved the small bit we trimmed from his golden locks. :)

Clint's hair covered the sheet! His hair was so long. I hope the next time the do this it's warm outdoors. Maybe we'll see the boys' hair in bird nests this spring.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happenings Latelty

I have been mia from from blog for some time now. Lots has happened since my last entry. Fall parties, Cole's 2nd birthday, Thanksgiving, and of course my accident. All of these have been important but it would seem the later has taken the longest to recover from, quite literally. I am still recovering from the car accident that happened December 10, 2012.

Currently, I am attending therapy 3 times per week at SKY Rehab hospital with a fantastic crew of therapists. I love them dearly and will always. In fact, there hasn't been a caregiver there yet that I haven't adored. I mean that.

Apart from recovering my family has endured much. Cole has had some separation issues and Clint too on another level. I wish I could heal them. I know their scars are as bad as mine. Our God can heal all wounds. I know he can show us a silver lining in the midst of this hard time.

I will try to post updates as I remember to do so. We appreciate all our friends prayers. Thank you for sending them up.

All our love,
Brenna and Boys