Monday, August 10, 2015

Dear Person Who Found my Coupon Binder

Dear Person Who Found my Coupon Binder,
  I am hoping that Friday when you found my lovely pink binder in the shopping cart at Kroger you were simply too busy to remember calling my number, as it was posted right under my name on the outside.  I'm sure it was a crazy day for you just like me!  I was trying to get through the grocery with my four year old and three month old and simply forgot to toss it into the car after loading my purchases.

  If by some crazy mistake it slips your mind to call me, I hope the coupons I had organized inside help your family to save money.  I spent many hours cutting, and placing them in the clear pockets inside so it would/should be very convenient for future shopping trips.  The scissors in the pencil holder inside were some of my favorites.  I bet they'll come in handy as well.  Hope your Monday is better than mine has been.  I've been searching high and low for my binder.  :)

A sarcastic Brenna

All joking aside, I am pretty devastated my coupon binder is missing.  Its been such a great tool in my quest to save money for my family.  Oh well, and moving forward.  I'll take this golden opportunity to find the good in the situation.  This opens me up to a new project, Coupon Binder 2.0.  I'll post more as it comes together.

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