Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keeping Chickens

So... yes.  We haven't been inside over the last 10 days (it seems like).  And can you blame us?  Its been so nice outside.  We are making every excuse to be outside enjoying this beautiful weather. 

Since I last blogged, Little Man and I have tended the garden, played with the neighbors' kiddos, played in C's "park" (playset), hung multiple loads of laundry outside to dry (thanks hubby for the bonafide line), taking numerous nature walks, fished in the pond, and WE GOT MORE CHICKENS!!

Poor Lady, our Light Brahma Hen, has been flying solo since the nasty coyotes, hawks, and dogs snatched up her buddies this past fall/ winter seasons.  My dear friend Nicki lent us a few hens to keep her company.  I swear to you she was depressed without any other hens to boss about.  After a trip to an auction left us empty-handed yet again, I went in search of young hens on Craigslist. 

Luckily, my first search directed us to a farm in nearby Auburn.  I madesure my father-in-law was with us then we went that day to get some chickens!  The farm was amazing.  The had so many breeds!  C loved the chicks.  I loved learning about different breeds.  Jerry (the FIL) loved cathcing up with the gentleman, who it turns out was an old aquanitance.  Small World!

We decided on 5 hens.  All just at the age of laying.  3 Black Orpington and 2 Black Cochins.  They are all small but I am encouraged by the size their stock is and how well they were cared for.  They both are supposed to be relatively good layers and are very docile.  Great for my buddy that thinks they are his stuffed animals still.  Have mercy on their litle bodies!

A few days after getting the girls home and settled, my Sister-in-law sent me a video (to her defense it was my step-brother's idea) of the "I Can't Believe Its Not Butter" commercial of the lady blow drying her chicken in the kitchen to "fluff" her eggs.  This got me to thinking, "what exactly does my family think I do?..."

So this one is for all my friends/ family out there.  Call me when you want some fresh eggs!


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